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The Logical Conclusions

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Human reproductive desires have been rated as the one with maximum social orientations and for that same reason we have built fancied as also rational affinities as for having a girl child or a boy child! While gender balancing is one reason which propels such desires in the modern evolved social fabrics, traditional icons of male domination and allied affluent status has been also the driving factor behind the query of – ‘how to get pregnant with a boy?’

Leveraging the ovulation cycles in the female reproductive system

As we all know that fertilization is necessary for the child birth to occur, it is very rational to link the baby boy with ‘a male sperm Y fertilizing the female egg’. One of the foremost interventions that have been recommended to the couples looking for a boy child is to understand the ovulation cycle and predict ovulation of self. It may appear as very obscure but the smart ‘to be a mother’ can effectively track the same through the easily available ‘ovulation kits’. Now these are available as ‘over the counter’ stuff and even in the groceries.

What is the intrinsics behind?

The short lived nature of the male Y sperms is responsible for depending upon the ovulation method. If the ejaculation is done very close post ovulation then the chances are ripe that a male sperm Y could easily survive to reach and subsequently fertilize the newly released egg. The female sperms X have been found to be more endurable and sustain for longer periods in the vaginal and uterine cavity; so if the ejaculation is done just prior to ejaculation, there is high probability that the female sperms are concentrated in numbers at the time of fertilization (since male sperms are fragile and short lived!).

Escorting the male Y sperms!

This one is an escort in the sense that some favorable conditions be prepared so as to allow an edge to the male sperms after ejaculation.

• While missionary sex position has been held as the traditional one since centuries, the experts and sexologists advise for more suitable rear penetration position and more peculiar standing one! These have been recommended so as to allow for the deposition of the sperms at the cervix and hence lesser distance to be traveled before fertilizing the egg. The female sperms can carry on with longer travels and durations in the vagina and through the cervix while the male Y sperms wear out early.

• The cervix mucus could in some cases be thick enough to hinder the sperms from entering through effectively. While the female sperms can survive, most of the male ones could die out in this struggle thus reducing the probability of the boy child. To assist the male sperms in this task, medicated interventions are also available; while some ladies with a resonant query of ‘how to get pregnant with a boy?’ choose towards having a spoon or two of the cough syrup before having sex. Certain chemical ingredients in the cough syrup help reduce the cervical mucus lining thus facilitating the sperm journey.

The recommendatory array is a wide one and includes other thoughts as well like the traditional lunar calendar, pH enhancing diets, quarter moon nights and the like.